Panoply Wood Products Inc.

Who are Panoply’s customers?

The Panoply team has built our reputation of being a trusted supplier to the wholesale distribution building materials industry. Panoply does not sell direct to the public, cabinet shops or retailers.

Does Panoply offer any products not listed on the website?

Panoply offers a wide selection of products sourced from all around the world.   The unique panels and other building materials we offer are too vast to list them all on our website.   We work with several of our selected mills to offer special order items and programs that meet our customers needs.

What is PanoPlus Premium Core?

PanoPlus a premium core panel produced using high quality speciality inner plies and assembled by an exceptionally trained production team.  The composed core is essentially void free and has minimal core overlap.  A calibrating sander is used a minimum of two times.

What is PanoLite?

PanoLite is a premium lite-weight panel with a Paulownia core rather than a traditional poplar core.  The Paulownia core panel is approximately 25% lighter than a Poplar veneer core of the same size and thickness.

Does Panoply sell less than lift quantity?

Panoply does not sell less than lift quantities.  All units are sold by the full lift quantity.  This is to ensure all units are secure and minimize potential damages.

Does the PanoPlus flooring Underlayment have a warranty?

Please see the PanoPlus Flooring underlayment page for further details regarding warranty and installation instructions.

Does Panoply inventory all products in all locations?

Due to each geographical market being unique Panoply does not offer all products in all locations.  Some products are market specific because of issues like freight and production location.  Please call a Panoply sales representative to see which products are available in your area.

Is Panoply a privately held company?

Panoply is an employee owned privately held company with over 200 years of combined industry experience.

Does Panoply accept wire transfer payment?

Yes, Panoply is happy to accept wire transfer payments.  Please contact Panoply’s accounts payable department at our head office location to discuss.

Does Panoply slotwall have a load capacity?

Load capacity depends on distribution of weight, slotwall accessory system/inserts used and proper installation. Due to numerous variable factors, Panoply Wood Products Inc. does not guarantee any load capacities for MDF slotwall.